Repost from Telegram to Twitter with translation

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πŸ€– Introducing our AI-driven solution: Seamlessly bridge the gap between Telegram and Twitter with our script! πŸ€–

🌍 Instantly translate text content from your Telegram channel posts, including πŸ–ΌοΈ images and πŸŽ₯ videos, into fluent English.

🐦 Share with the vast Twitter audience in real-time.

πŸ›οΈ Available on Tazh Studio Store only.

This python-based script solution does the following:

1. Takes a post from your Telegram channel (in any language), including attached image or video

2. Translates the post with AI (which works better than Google Translate) to English

3. Posts it to your Twitter account with the text an attached image or video


  1. The package comes with the simple markdown help file with all the details on how to set it up
  2. You will need to aquire API keys in order to make it work
  3. You will need server deployment skills to deploy it
  4. You can add #tw to your telegram posts if you don't want them to be transferred to twitter.
  5. It will not work if you attach files to your telegram posts
  6. You can see the example of how it works between and

How to install:

  1. Fill in your keys in a .env file

  1. Create your telegram bot via @botfather bot and you will get an API (token) for your bot

  1. For translation, use NagaAI or OpenAi, NagaAI key
can be requested in Discord:

  1. Get Twitter keys on the Twitter portal:

  1. Then deploy the whole package 
to your server. VPS is recommended

Final notes:

πŸ€— Enjoy!

πŸ’» This product is sold as is, you need technical skills to setup and deploy it. You may request to hire us for the installation and customization

πŸ“™ Legal warning: Any sharing of this product with third parties or reselling is prohibited. Unauthorized distribution or sale of copyrighted material can result in hefty fines and imprisonment.

✍️ Assistance:

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You will get a .zip archive, containing all the files, with a .md help doc. And a password.txt for the archieve.
.zip archive, containing all the files, with a .md help doc
password for the archieve

Repost from Telegram to Twitter with translation

0 ratings
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